Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Learning is fun!

One of the things that's really fun about developing SDL is the incredible breadth of things that you learn in the process.
  • A couple weeks ago I went from knowing nothing about Android development to being very comfortable with activity life cycles and JNI.
  • Last week I dove into the dragon infested waters of atomic operations and lock free programming, and in the process was humbled and gained a healthy respect for people who do that for a living.  
  • This morning I knew that CSS was used to affect the look and feel of web pages.  By the end of the day I had practical lessons on how it works and affects the style and behavior of a site.
I wonder what I'm going to learn tomorrow .... ? :)


  1. Today I learned how to compile C++ on Linux, it was my SDL game engine(in early development) that I now have succesfully running on OS-X, Windows and Linux!


    The fun thing is that I barely have 2 months of C++ experience and have already written a large part of a working game engine, with only a little help.

  2. That last one you didn't learn from SDL! :P

  3. Hello,

    do you think this blog would fit into ? Or do you plan to cover non-open source/non-gamedev stuff en mass? :)

  4. I think it's probably a good fit for planetdev. SDL is both commercial and open source, and I plan to be talking about things I'm learning while developing it, so sure!