Friday, March 11, 2011

Life and Love

Every once in a while you see something that takes you completely out of your day to day routine and reminds you that this world is a wide and wonderful place.

Spider Robinson is one of my all time favorite authors, and he has been entertaining me and teaching me about love and laughter most of my life.  I finished the Callahan series (again) tonight, and was touched by the plight of Doc Webster, who passed on with a brain tumor in the final story.  I finally noticed in the back of the book contact information for the American Brain Tumor Association:

I got on the 'Net and found his website and found that his wife had passed on, in peace, almost a year ago and was able to piece together a little of what his world has been like since then.  He is a brave man with a wonderful family. I'm lucky that I haven't had to deal with the death of someone close to me yet, but this world is richly textured, and people deal with pain and loss and anger and joy and triumph every single day around the world.

If you haven't seen his work, you can check it out in traditional and audio form here:

To all of you who are dealing with and have dealt with loss, I wish you the best, and while I know nothing can ever replace those you've loved, there are still more out there who have loved you, love you now, and will bring you joy in the future.


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